You are very likely to ask me every week about the best course to adopt to become an interior designer : parents who want to give the best chances to their teens, young people who want to embark on a career passion , or adults who wish to reconvert and finally have fun on a daily basis. With each call, you all seem aware that choosing this path is not necessarily an easy way out. And yet, being passionate about your job continues to make you dream and you are ready to start. So you wonder how to best support you to succeed in this business. Is there an ideal courseto become an interior designer : “leadership training in interior architecture , the user manual .

If you are sure of yourself from an early age, it can be very useful to move towards a training in Bac Sti applied arts (former name) or STD 2A . This training includes general courses and specialized courses in Fine Arts . We learn to draw , to organize his creative process and discover the main specialties of design . With this diploma, you make the basics of your business and the opportunity to choose a specialty in full knowledge of animation, graphics, product design, interior design.

If you are able to offer the ideal course , then know that it is possible to achieve your course with as much credit in public schools as in private French institutions. In France, it happens a lot in Paris . This is the Camondo school that is most recommended, followed closely by the Ecole Boulle and the Esag Penninghen . On  Lyon is the Esail which enjoys a good reputation. The top 10 of the best schools of interior design by L’Etudiant magazine seems to be very much in sync with reality.

These highly reputed schools offer an excellent professional network and quality training: the best interior design agencies usually recruit students there. The Boulle school will be very popular given that it is a public school (as Olivier de Serre and Ensad on Paris). For establishments like Camondo, Esag Penninghen, or Esail, we must think in terms of investment for the future because a year is worth between € 6,000 and € 7,000 in fees, or the tidy sum of € 28,000 for four years (Bts + Dsaa).

To be well aware, visiting schools during open houses is one of the best solut.ions. The difference between the many frmoations becomes visible when one is in front of the productions of the students It is essential to go to Paris as well as to provincial schools, both in private schools and in public schools. Even if everyone can not be taken in the biggest schools, seeing what is produced in these institutions is without a doubt one of the best bridges to succeed in its training course. For me it really helped me. I continue to follow the work of students who is often of a very good quality.

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