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With the mercury rising higher and higher each year in the Indian subcontinent, bearing the heat is becoming next to impossible, as a result the manufacturers of air conditioners have a huge demand and supply gap to meet in India in the coming years.

Check Air Conditioner Price and make the perfect buying choice

While we all like to have the best and the most luxurious appliance, there are certain factors that needs proper evaluation before taking the final call between choosing a window ac, split ac or an inverter ac.

  1. The space that needs cooling is the first and foremost to be considered. Is it a room in the house, an office cabin, a full floor etc? Height of the ceiling is also vital. The floor on which the room is located is important as higher floors receive more sunlight thereby needing stronger Air Conditioner.
  2. How many people would generally be part of the room or space when the ac is on since we all emit heat from our bodies?
  3. The other electrical appliances that are kept inside the space or the room as the heat emitted from these appliances are stronger. So, the lights, bulbs, refrigerator, Television etc. are to be counted
  4. Is the room stuffed with lots of other things like carpets etc. as that will block the air to a great extent. More the number of material things inside the room, more is the consumption of electricity.
  5. Size of windows and the number of windows need to be considered. Is there a glass wall?
  6. Which direction does the room and the walls face? If the room gets more sunlight it will need a more effective ac.
  7. The number of hours the air conditioner is going to be used.
  8. Space available outdoors for keeping the outdoor units in case a split ac is being considered.
  9. The BEE star ratings of the air conditioner needs close inspection. Though higher star rated ac will cost more, it also means that in the long run there is more saving on the electricity bills.
  10. Consider the cooling capacities of the ac’s closely. In other words the cooling capacity will indicate how effectively the air conditioner cools a space. It invariably means better utilization of power.
  11. Also factors like the average temperatures outside during summer, the humidity levels and pollution levels. This is vital because the air conditioner not only is responsible for cooling the space it also helps dry and provide cleaner air indoors.
  12. The maintenance and servicing costs and frequencies of servicing need to be considered too especially if an expensive ac has been bought.
  13. The warranty period is also important. The after sale services must be looked into too as often after spending lots of money on the purchase one is stuck with no support from customer care. One needs to be specifically careful if considering buying the foreign brands.
  14. Air conditioner prices and the budget allocated for the purchase of the ac is one of the important things to consider though should be done at the last.

After having considered the above, do visit a reliable shopping platform for the best deals in air conditioner prices especially the affordable and popular 1.5 ton split ac from different brands and the services.

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