Dare the color in your interior!

The harmony and sobriety of the shades of gray, taupe and white reign supreme in our interiors. And if you put a little color in your decoration? By small keys or as main element, let the color act …

A touch of color in your environment

If you opt for a strong color as the theme of your layout: the orange for example, decline to the end by offering your interior a major and original piece and why not the kart chair by Degueldre  ?


Another trend, another color yellow will come to bring pep in a world in black and white: yellow cushions will emerge perfectly on a black sofa, or even a tablecloth in these colors will bring a touch of light in a dining room or cooked. More discreetly, flowers or yellow utensils can also participate in the enhancement of your room. So let the sun come in and feel free to browse all the possibilities to bring a touch of yellow to your home.


A single color element

Another choice, you can also opt for a single piece of furniture in a sharp color with the rest of the room. If you have chosen to create a gray or white universe, why not opt for a beautiful colorful armchair that will surely attract the eyes of those who enter the room.


You can find all these beautiful things to decorate your interior as your exterior in the new KSL LIVING interior design and decoration shop .

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