Decoration idea for your home

Several tips can be chosen to make the interior of your home modern, stylish The easiest way is to use flowers to embellish certain parts of your home. But if you do not have enough time to take care of them, there are other solutions.

An original decoration for your interior wall

A novelty in the art of interior decoration is timely. The green wall, also called green wall, living wall or wall garden is more and more popular for the beautification of an indoor room. Many techniques can be adopted for the execution of a living wall. The most used is the use of a sphagnum varietyfrom the island of Chiloe in western Chile. This foam is often used because it can conserve a lot of water and has an antibacterial effect thanks to its very acidic pH. It has characteristics of heat insulation and rare sound. However, one of the disadvantages of installing a wall garden is the insufficient light supply for the development of the plant. It is for this reason that it is recommended to install this ornamentation in a veranda or under a glass roof.

When you want to build an interior wall plant, it is feasible to opt for climbing plants, or trees that grow in the ground. They may have roots outside the house and come back inside through holes in the bottom of the wall. This hollow must be filled with insulation that prevents the entry of pests such as spiders or mice. There is no point in watering this wall garden, because the roots of this living wall are outside the dwelling.

A decorative plant for your home

If you want to put a little joy in your interior, artificial plants will give cheerfulness to your living room. These plants without maintenancebring the touch of greenery that is missing in a residential interior. However, we note that some people do not opt ​​for this object of decoration, because they think we will notice the false plant effect. Yet, currently, there are artificial plants of quality that can be confused with their natural model, while real plants require time, daily maintenance. Even if we love real flowers, we avoid plants that require a lot of precautions or they will wither. Indeed, various real flowers are not viable in an interior room. On the contrary, false plants offer you a great variety without worrying about their health, or the climate favorable to their good growth.

Whether it is a plant wall, or artificial plants, these are all perfect choices for those who want to see a little greenery in their living room, and do not want to waste time maintaining live plants.vegetal wall nature-xl

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