Recently, several people contacted me to ask for advice for professional reconversion. After several years of study, diplomas or professional experience, these people wish to turn to the professions of applied arts. I’m always happy to be able to give some advice, and at my level, I try to describe to them what awaits them. So, I decided to write several rather personal articles about what I know about the daily life of the “young independent creative”.

To convey my passion for creative crafts, why not start with the most enjoyable? Why not mention the successes that punctuate the career of my colleagues? Annabelle met at the Maad Marseille in 2008, Laura and Louis met at the University of Applied Arts in Nîmes in 2006, and finally, Marion met on Lyon in 2014 through the Collectif Créateur d’Intérieur . I choose to talk about them because I have a lot of respect for these people, their work, their career … I had the opportunity to work and evolve with them in the past, or I have the chance to have them with me every day. I hope you enjoy discovering their journey.

Annabelle inspired me with this article idea. His work is currently enjoying great success. She has just drawn the new range of Ressource wallpaper . Before reaching this point, Annabelle studied design and then obtained her diploma in interior architecture (Dsaa) in Marseille at Lycée Diderot. She then joined various agencies (French or Quebec) with which she created different concepts of shops. Since then, Annabelle has found a new way to practice her passion for applied arts. She created her studio and draws motifs. They are most often inspired by the animal and plant world. They tell us about nature, about abundance and come in the form of floor coverings and walls. Just as many universes to use at home to escape quietly from home. You can discover his work on the Forestine studio  website .

View of a wall decoration by Les Petites Coupoupes and Mamie Boude.

Laura is a product designer. Several years ago, she started with a friend in the creation of the brand Les Petites Découpes . These fashion accessories (costume jewelery, decoration …) are distributed in many French boutiques of small creators and on the e-shop shop . Laura always knew she wanted to be a designer. She completed her design studies at the University of Applied Arts in Nîmes and at Strat College designer Paris . She worked for big names in French design like Ora Ito for example. But his desire to live in the south of France was stronger than the pace imposed by the creative madness of Paris. That’s why Les Petites Découpes are made in Nice. Today Laura is even Mom. A real source of inspiration for his brand. Congratulations to her to succeed in combining professional and personal life.

Louis is also a product designer. His example interests me all the more because he has completed all his accounting studies before changing lanes. He then validated a degree in applied arts at the University of Nîmes to finally get his design degree at the famous Arts Déco in Paris . Today, he owns his own publishing house. The objects he draws have rare, clean curves. The collections of Courbette are now marketed at Fleux . Recently on the web, I could see some photos of Louis traveling in India. I look forward to discovering the accomplishments that will come from an inspiring trip.

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