How to Install Deep Sprinkler Pipes

It will be a good atmosphere to sit back and relax, and watching the landscape or garden while being watered. It’s a main reason why sprinklers, one of the best  irrigation supplies in Perth is popularly installed around the house and businesses now. But there is one hidden secret behind this; that is by installing sprinkler system, you can save 50% of water from wasting. But everything is in proper installing, so plan your irrigation system layout perfectly before you start the installation process.

How to Install Deep Sprinkler Pipes

Choosing Digging Trenches for the Pipes

To get a long lasting sprinkler system, the trench-digging method is the right choice which offers you a consistent depth throughout the area. The trenches for the pipe should be deep enough, so that you won’t pierce them with routine lawn maintenance.

Before Digging

Without the proper preparation, even a good laid plan can go away. So, before you begin digging the trenches for pipe, make a call to 1100 and make sure whether there are any buried lines, such as water and gas lines. Also don’t forget to call the building codes department.

Required Depth

The basic depth requirement of trenches in most areas in Australia for burying the pipes is “8 to 12 inches”. This measurement will change according to the diameter. If you have the pipe of 2-inch diameter and you have to bury it 10 inches below the surface, you much need the trench of 12 inches deep.

Deep Reasoning

Although frozen pipes are not a problem for Perth irrigation supplies, burying pipes 10 to 12 inches deep will keep the pipes from out of danger. Buying pipes 10 to 12 inches deep will also protect the pipes while routine maintenance. The good example is aeration tools; it doesn’t reach that far down, but its goes little deep. If the sprinkler pipes are keeps deep, the pipe will be safeguard from the garden maintenance tools like aeration.

Tools to Use

Using proper tools and techniques for digging pipe trenches involves a good bit of manual labor. Instead if you use random tools to dig the trenches, its take lot of time and the installing process will affect. It is good to dig the trenches by hand using a shovel, as it speeds up the process. Also make the process easy, water the area where you want to dig for at least two days, so that lets the water soak deep into the soil and make easy to dig.

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