The first weekend of December comes and gives me a crazy desire to decorate my house for the holidays. This week, my living room has become a real Santa Claus workshop. Indeed, there is everywhere: from the fir branch to the bouquet of eucalyptus, through the pine cones and paper cut houses. This year, I want a home-made and natural decoration. I want to make my own decor, and tanpis for imperfections. I would like to combine simple elements that can give a warm touch to the home, and that, beyond the holiday season, maybe even all winter. And it starts with one or more beautiful Christmas wreaths to compose oneself. Here are my inspirations …

Although the traditional fir tree remains my favorite work base for the holidays, it is possible to use all kinds of natural materials to create its crown. Eucalyptus is on the rise in decoration. Its discreet smell, rounded shapes and longevity make it a material of choice for your DIY projects. Mixed with fresh or dried flowers (hydrangeas, thistles, roses, cotton flowers) it brings a touch of authenticity and a country spirit to the house. To change, it is also possible to choose olive branches and if not why not succulents: the result is beautiful!

The rounded format is a timeless classic. But a crown can take various forms. To go to the simplest, just do not join the strands and burst the traditional circle: the result is lightweight and original.It is also quite easy to find a wired metal object: a circle, a star, a triangle … Some leaves will then be enough to dress your crown. For the more experienced, it will be possible to create a shape from wire and fill gradually branching.

For the most dreamers of us, it will be easy to accessorize its crown with small animals, homemade paper houses or even LED candles and other garlands. Good DIY time to all!

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