Set up a billiard room in your house

A billiard room in the house

As I said above, it would tell me well, a billiard room! And this, even if I play like a quiche! Yet I have the math spirit, the geometry it knows me, but my legendary clumsiness takes precedence over all this, unfortunately!

For short, I see myself spend nice parties with family and friends!

The only downside that I will bring to this development, it would be the ground … I find it a pity that this tile (very beautiful besides) was not replaced by a nice floor … And it’s worth for the whole house for that matter! !

Scandinavian landscaping

The rest of the house is really beautiful … Scandinavian layout typical, modern and warm!

I just love it! Especially the suspensions and the whole dining room that I find very successful!

But the rest I like as much … The sleeping area, with its bathrooms and very clean rooms but still cozy, living in the attic and of course the indoor swimming pool (We talk? You really should talk to? 😉 

And you? You like?

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