Small furniture to optimize the storage of the room

If, like most people, you have a certain tendency to get overwhelmed by your business and then to go to bed because it’s a bazaar in your bedroom when you go to bed, you might need some ideas to fix it. situation. But how to do when it is a small room in which there is no place to be installed a beautiful dressing room or to position a large wardrobe? Sometimes just a few well-chosen pieces of furniture, such as a cheap bedside table or a chiffonier, can be used to optimize storage possibilities without having to rethink the entire layout of the room.

The unavoidable bedside tables

We all have our little habits when going to bed. Some people like to always have a stack of magazines to flip through or a good novel to clear their heads before falling asleep. Others like to listen to the radio or music to change their minds. And then there is the bottle of water, the cream of night, the earplugs, the alarm clock … No way to let all this drag along the foot of the bed, if you wish to enjoy a serene atmosphere, it is imperative to offer you a bedside table where you can store everything you like to have at your fingertips.

Adapt your bedside table to your needs

Sometimes a simple cheap night table will be enough to put a lamp and a book. But when you really need space, you have to opt for a more complete bedside cabinet that will combine one or more drawers with practical open storage space. Take the opportunity to look after your interior decoration with an original night table !

Dressers and chiffoniers.

You may say that it is nice to advise bedside beds but you have already thought and it is not with two small drawers that you will solve your problem. So let’s go to the waist up with dressers and other dressers

Design wooden chest of drawers

What is the difference between a dresser and a chiffonier?

You do not know what differentiates these two pieces of furniture? At first sight not much, they are medium-sized furniture with large drawers on top of each other. But there is still a subtlety, in theory the ragpicker, which appeared under the regency period, has seven drawers, one for each day of the week to put the clean linen of the day.

The advantages of dressers and chiffoniers?

These cabinets have a large storage capacity for a small footprint. It is indeed easy to place a pretty small dresser close against a wall in an access corridor or clearance of the room. There are so many models that you will necessarily find the one that best fits your interior style and that will offer ideal dimensions in relation to the space you have.

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