The ideal match between the color of the living room and furniture

The living room is one of the pieces, not to say THE room, where the decor must be the most studied. And when it comes to updating its interior decor, it is sometimes question of changing the furniture. But what colors of furniture to choose? This choice will be based on the color of the living room and the atmosphere you want to create! However, this answer is simple at first, but hides many details not to minimize not to miss the decor of the room in general! So, here are the color schemes to do to perfect your decor!

What color for the living room walls?

The living room is the room where we spend the most time. It is therefore customary to choose a light color for the walls of this room. This light color will bring space to the room by the fact that the sunlight will pass easily. Opt for colors like beige and off-white for that. Thus, your living room will have more square meters than it has and it will feel comfortable. The other advantage with these two clear colors for the wall is that it will be easier to install the alarm system for the chosen house on for example, so that we do not see it too much. Indeed, most of the alarm systems are white, it is advisable to choose a color that does not stray too much for the wall of the living room. Thus, compared to the little visible alarm, the house will not only be well decorated, but it will also be well secured.

The floor covering and its color

For flooring, opt for tiling, so you can also choose a light color for it. Which will bring more brightness to the living room, and therefore more space to this main room. You can choose the same color as the wall. But it is better to take a shade darker compared to the latter to distinguish the soil from the wall, which will give a more interesting rendering. So, if you chose the off-white for the wall, beige is best placed to coat your floor.
You can also choose the wood flooring. So, your floor will be highlighted in relation to the walls. The advantage with wood is that it offers a natural and warm side to the room. But besides this, this type of coating is a noble material and using it, you will have a natural house having a side at the same time design and refined. And to have a well-ventilated space, think of optimizing the lighting of the room by installing interior design luminaires such as wall sconces and floor lamps. But for a more decorative and design, it is interesting to embed recessed spots in this wood-clad floor.


What kinds and shapes of furniture to choose?

The furniture plays a big role in setting the mood of a room. Indeed, the shapes and types of furniture differentiate one room from another. Thus, if you want a living room with the look of medieval castles, the best is to choose furniture similar to those dating from Louis XIII like sofas and chairs qualified by the name of this king. Then, if you want a retro style living room, opt for sofas whose production series is similar to that of the 60s or the storage furniture on which there are vinyl record players. You can find these two types of furniture at an antique dealer, but today, the web offers many sites that sell. But if you are more modern and design side, opt for leather sofas and storage furniture design with multiple shapes and designs out of the ordinary.

Let’s give it all!

The colors of the room and the furniture chosen, let’s get to the heart of the matter: what colors for the furniture?
If you have chosen light colors for both the walls and the floor of the living room, it is advisable to take dark furniture. Thus, the furniture will be highlighted in relation to the color of the big room. The chocolate color will complement the beige of the wall very well in this case. But for sofas and armchairs, you can stay on a light color. But it will be necessary to choose bright colors like red or orange for the cushions in this case to optimize the decoration of the living room, so you will not have a living room without life.
If wood has been chosen for the floor, furniture made from wood is highly recommended. Indeed, the show will be more design and will have this rustic side that is very warm and welcoming. And for sofa coverings, opt for a light color such as white or a light gray in order to highlight them in relation to the room.

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