The refined design furniture in the industrial decoration

The success of industrial decoration does not seem to be running out of steam.

His secret? Its compatibility with other styles, and with the design more particularly.

A very interesting contrast

The great advantage of the industrial style is that it can quite marry other currents. And if the industrial interior gladly accepts some simple and refined design furniture within it, it is because the contrast of materials offers a soul supplement to this cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Pure line and raw material

The industrial trend implies a strong presence of the raw material: metal, wood and glass mainly. The material is not worked, or just varnished, to appreciate its asperities, its grain. This gives a loft style to the room. The designer furniture is appreciated by the sober lines and reflect a minimalist elegance, almost airy. The association of these two currents seems obvious, a furniture design will be particularly highlighted if it is placed in a strategic place in your living room or your dining room, in the middle of industrial furniture.

black furniture decoration

Marry the vintage and the modern

That’s the key to a warm and eclectic interior. As design remains an innovative trend, the design object is the modern object par excellence. To associate it with a retro industrial deco, your choice will have to move towards medium-sized rooms: chairs, a leather-like armchair with seams, coffee tables or lamps. This will create a vintage and modern atmosphere .

How to choose furniture

Knowing how to choose the chairs and armchairs for industrial decoration then makes sense: it is better to move towards black design chairs that will frame a beautiful solid wood table. Ditto for armchairs. The pure lines of the design armchairs and their particularly well-designed seating will be warm furnishings and in the era of the times.

designer armchair and modern black leatherette

The lamps also bring a beautiful personality to the industrial interiors. If the architect lamps and other projectors are always on the rise, nothing prevents you from putting a sleek lamp on a chest of drawers for example. It should also be noted that in the 50s, many designers were already designing lamps for professionals (and therefore industrial), like the Jieldé lamp imagined by Jean-Louis Domecq in 1950.

The warmth of black furniture

The warm effect of chairs and armchairs in black coating is almost always observed. Black is particularly appreciated by design enthusiasts as it gives way to the purity of the furniture line. Thus, the intimacy of black furniture and the sobriety of their curves add elegance and a perfect balance, whatever the room. It can be placed a little behind the rest of the furniture to capture all the attention.

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