Want an original floor and full of style? The cement tiles invite themselves into your home and give it all the character it deserves. Square or hexagonal, they land on the floor, throughout the room, or seem to delimit a carpet, or are placed in wall decoration. They come in all colors: beige to brown, white to gray, black to white, pastel or bright color. They are plain or patterned: with polka dots , flowers or geometric patterns . They come in all styles: old , vintage , retro , contemporary … There is something for everyone.

Carpet of pink coral, beige and white cement tiles.

We love the variety of the range of the Spanish brand Mosaic eDl Sur . You can order their tile directly online. The plus for this 100% European brand: you can compose unique cement tiles by choosing the colors that suit you.

Two years ago, the Petit Pan children’s brand  launched its bohemian chic cement tile collection. Colors and patterns give a touch of charm to your interiors.

For smaller budgets and for simpler maintenance, you can go on a tile imitation cement tiles. The Spanish brand Porcelanosa  has a range in shades of beige or gray. Namely, major DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama also follow this trend. And for the more reasonable ones, the La Boutique du Grand Cirque brand  offers vinyl rugs and credenzas at affordable prices.

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