Purple is the color of imagination, magic, spirituality. This is why it will appeal to lovers of poetry and charming interiors .

Image of inspiration found on  the blog Café de la danse  and on Pinterest .

A parma will bring serenity and brightness to an office or a room , while a lilac will bring a floral and romantic touch . These two shades are happy to match with white , while a plum will enhance a touch of black . In all cases, purple goes with many very bright colors and with all types of wood.

If you like the charm of the old , know that it is easy to use contrasting purple with all kinds of old furniture. You have a dark wooden boat bed, place it in front of a lavender wall: the romantic atmosphere and out of time will be at the rendezvous. You want to repaint a set of wooden dining room: paint the fig table and multicolored chairs (red, yellow and green for example), the result is incredible …

Inspiration images found on Archizine and Brabbu .

If you are looking for a contemporary style, do not hesitate to create geometric patterns on your walls. In the case of a complex pattern, vary the hues, otherwise, play on the contrast with the white. In short, if you love color and dream of a refreshing and inspiring interior , do not wait. Purple is full of good surprises.

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