Why my car loses power

In many occasions, this problem is usually related to a mechanical type failure, but it is also possible that it is due to certain external factors, such as having to face extreme temperatures. Whatever the cause, it is important to pay attention to the loss of strength of the car and identify its origin to ensure the proper functioning of the car at all times and not jeopardize the safety of passengers. Continue reading and discover what the answer to the question of “why my car loses power” may be.

Car injector in poor condition

The injectors of the car are responsible for supplying the amount of fuel needed to the engine each time, and a failure or failure in them can be the cause of the loss of engine power. When this happens, the maximum speed of the engine is quite limited despite the fact that the usual fuel consumption increases.

In addition to the above, when the problem is an obstruction or wear of the injectors, it is very likely that the vehicle also begins to jerk on the fly, comes to a standstill or give off an odor that can be associated with unburned fuel.

If you suspect that the injectors of your vehicle are in poor condition or suffer some kind of breakdown, it is very important that you go to your trustworthy mechanical workshop to be informed about the necessary repair and you can solve the problem as soon as possible. To make a good maintenance of these parts, you can follow the tips we showed in the article how to clean the car injectors.

Air supply failure and / or turbo breakage

Another possible cause that can answer the question of “why my car loses power” is that of a poor supply of oxygen to the engine cylinder. And although this could happen for various reasons, one of them can be a malfunction of the flow meter, which is the piece that measures the air flow that the cylinder receives and that through an electrical connection, sends this information to the control unit of the vehicle.

However, the lack of air to the cylinder could also be a problem related to the breakage of the turbo, which would cause the engine to lose some power. It is also possible that in addition to this, the air filter is clogged by accumulated debris or that it is in poor condition and does not allow the engine to breathe properly. The fault could also be due to the fact that the valve that regulates the turbo does not work correctly.

Use of air conditioning

If you start the air conditioning, it is possible that your car loses some power. Especially you will notice this effect if you make a road trip with a utility prepared mainly to travel around town.

On the other hand, if you are ready to overtake another vehicle on a hill and you have the air conditioner on, you can also notice how the engine barely responds and lacks power. It is important that you always keep this factor in mind when it comes to circulating.

Overloaded cooling system

Another cause of the car losing power can be found in an overloaded refrigeration system.

In these conditions, generated by very high external temperatures (extreme heat or extreme cold), the electric fan has to act at maximum efficiency, which means that it reduces power to the engine of about 2cv.

Failure in the electronic system

In cars with electronic systems, a breakdown in these can lead to a significant loss of power of the car , and even in some cases it comes to a complete stop. In these cases, which normally are not easy to solve faults, what happens is that the system detects that there is some type of mechanical error in the car and, consequently, gives the engine order to lose power until it stops to stop avoid an accident

In general, after about 30 minutes, it is possible to return to normal use of the vehicle, but it is important to take the car to the repair shop so that a professional can repair the electronic system breakdown.

Excess friction

In some occasions, the vehicles present problems when rolling due to an excess of friction produced by the bad state of some mechanical elements. This is a situation that can happen for example when the brakes are stiff, which in addition to a loss of power, will cause an increase in fuel consumption; when the parking brake is too tight; when the wheel bearing is in poor condition; or when the clutch is worn.

It is essential to pay attention to the maintenance and care of all these elements, make the necessary repairs and subject the vehicle to the necessary mechanical checks.

Do you need to buy a new car?

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